Modular platforms of knowledge, well-being and development that put the human being at the center and integrate innovative technologies. We believe in the collaboration of Human + Technology/IA.

Knowledge, wellness and talent platforms

Platform and set of applications designed to improve human talent, well-being and knowledge. The platform is highly customizable and people-centric, using artificial intelligence to strengthen its functionality. The platform includes modules for training, community, diagnostics and other interactions to support the human development and talent of its employees.

By offering a wide range of tools and resources, this platform can help companies and organizations maximize their potential and achieve their long-term goals.

The platform can be used as is or a customized solution can be created from existing modules and new functionalities can be developed.

Our approach

Human + Technology + Modular

The center is the person and the platform adapts to the needs and characteristics of the companies. We monitor and incorporate innovative technologies to generate greater added value.


The center is the person, their characteristics and needs. We love to create close experiences, incorporate stories, and use the power of video games and gamification to motivate.


We incorporate technologies from their connection with people and value generation. We incorporate Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics to enhance results and personalization.


The platform has different customizable modules to adapt to the needs and budgets of each company.

Our works

Serious Game for Compliance training with analytics

Interactive and simulated Serious Game for Compliance based on practical cases and advanced analytics.

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Serious Game training with advanced analytics

Serious Game based on cases and learning by doing with advanced analytics.

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Virtual Reality trainer for technical maintenance

Interactive and immersive trainer in Virtual Reality to train operators and technicians.

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Gamified experience to train the sales force

Serious Game based on an interactive album to train the entire sales force with analytics.

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Videogame for learning in writing

Interactive video game based on cases and personalized challenges for writing.

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Serious Game to raise disability awareness

Awareness Serious Game that makes it easy to put yourself in the shoes of people with disabilities.

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Virtual Reality Experience with Analytics for Measurement

Experience in Virtual Reality as a new way of knowing the tastes and interests.

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Serious Game leadership with advanced analytics

Serious Game of leadership with advanced analytics.

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Entrepreneurship application for children

Entrepreneurship training app for kids.

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Virtual Reality training for customer service

Immersive Virtual Reality learning experience for customer service training.

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Virtual Reality Cashier Trainer

Gamified Virtual Reality application for practical training of cashiers.

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Healthy eating video game and platform for children

Platformer video game and tools that teaches children about healthy eating.

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Serious Game with interactive book for business training

Video game-based, interactive, hands-on learning platform and experience for business training.

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Cafet – Videogame, VR and AR to learn about coffee and entrepreneurship

Videogame, App, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based on a coffee and entrepreneurship game.

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ZENÚ Virtual Reality Training in Meat Cut Processes

Virtual Reality experience for training in cutting and handling meat in an immersive and practical way.

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SURA Risk Management Course – 2022 Version

Risk management course created in Unity with gamification and analytic strategies that obtained a 4 to 5 star rating from 98% of users.

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Commercial Leadership for SURA Latin America – 2022 Version

Commercial course made in Unity that includes gamification and analytic strategies.

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Metaeduverse multiplayer game – Crea Digital winner

Educational multiplayer game.

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